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About Us

Don’t Tell Fred is an art brand created by Studio XI, a London based graphic design business led by Creative Director Nick Theato.

DTF was created to provide an easy, affordable way to purchase great quality art and we produce all our exclusive wall art ourselves from concept through to production.

We really love art and much of ours is original and created in-house. Our product line-up is expanding all the time from A3 framed prints into other sizes, both framed and unframed and into posters and other creative products that will beautify your home.

We designed this website to give you access to a wonderful catalogue of wall art with a smooth shopping interface for buying it.

As well as curating and creating the art itself we arrange the printing and framing ourselves and we treat every order right through to shipping with personal and professional care.

Our customer service is pretty good too and our 5 star reviews bear testimony to the extra attention we give our customers.

We’re easy to reach, you can email us with any queries or suggestions and we’ll get right back to you. And in the unlikely event something doesn’t go to plan we’ll do our very best to sort it out for you.

Enjoy shopping for wall art at Don’t Tell Fred.

Earn Extra Income

Become one of our brand ambassadors

When you become a brand ambassador for Don’t Tell Fred you earn money on every sale you get!

It’s free and it’s easy - you just promote this website on social media and through your personal connections. No contract, no targets, just share our site and promote our wall art any way you like.

We give you a unique code to share with everyone and when someone orders using it you’ll get a percentage of the profit!

Contact us now and we’ll email you your unique code and give you the heads up on the best methods to use online or in person to get sales.

Stock our Prints

Sell our art prints from your workplace

If you have a small corner of your business where people can browse through prints you can earn a great commission! You can sell them at your office or from your shop, gym, market stall, school, lobby, reception or beauty salon. Anywhere the public visit you can offer them beautiful art gifts in the form of our wall art.

We give a commission for every print sold, you can display them on the wall or show the prints from a display or both.

And best of all it doesn’t cost you anything! We provide you with our wall art stock and you simply sell the prints and contact us any time you need more.

Contact us now and we can show you how to make money selling our wall art from your place of business.


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